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Katano, Taki-cho, Taki-gun, Mie Prefecture


This 97-year-old wooden house features a beautiful tiled roof and sturdy construction. The spacious lot includes a warehouse, garage, storage shed, and store, along with an adjacent 170-tatami mat field (subject to agricultural land restrictions). Ample parking is available for three or more vehicles. The house offers five bedrooms, one living room, one dining room, and one kitchen. Currently unoccupied, it is conveniently located approximately 6.5 kilometers from Katano, Taki-cho, Taki-gun, Mie Prefecture.

Area Information

Nestled amidst the tranquil hills of Taki-cho, Katano offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, this charming town exudes a sense of tranquility and harmony. With its convenient access to local amenities and its proximity to the vibrant city of Mie, Katano presents an idyllic blend of rural charm and urban convenience.


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