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6-chome, Unuma Haba-cho, Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture


This 32-year-old home is located in a quiet residential area of Shinjuku. The home features 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room, and 1 kitchen. The home has a total floor area of 75 tatami mats and comes equipped with liquified petroleum gas.

Area Information

Nestled in the heart of Kakamigahara City, this property offers a tranquil retreat in the vibrant Gifu Prefecture. Surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, the area boasts a rich history and cultural heritage. From the serene banks of the Kiso River to the bustling streets of the city center, Kakamigahara City seamlessly blends modern amenities with traditional charm, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a harmonious balance of urban convenience and natural beauty.


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