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Yotsuya, Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture


This 3-bedroom, 1-living room, 1-dining room, and 1-kitchen house is located in a quiet residential area and features all-electric appliances for comfortable living. Solar panels are installed, so you can rest assured that your electricity bills will be reasonable. The 2-story wooden structure is 25 years old and is conveniently located 4.4 kilometers by car from Yotsuya, Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture.

Area Information

Nestled in the heart of Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, this property offers a tranquil retreat in the charming neighborhood of Yotsuya. Surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, Yotsuya exudes a serene ambiance that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. With its convenient access to local amenities and the vibrant city center, this property presents an ideal blend of tranquility and urban convenience.


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