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Kobikicho, Hachioji City, Tokyo


This 4-bedroom, 1-dining room, and 1-kitchen home is located in Kobiki-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo. The 25-year-old wooden structure is currently unoccupied and conveniently located within walking distance of 4 stations, making it ideal for commuting or attending school. Renovated in April 2024, all rooms are 6 tatami mats or larger, providing ample space. The south-facing home has a large bathroom and benefits from natural light from two sides. Situated in a quiet residential area, it ensures a peaceful living environment.

Area Information

Kobiki-cho is a vibrant neighborhood in Hachioji City, Tokyo, offering a blend of urban convenience and suburban charm. Nestled amidst lush greenery, it boasts a tranquil atmosphere while remaining well-connected to the city center. With its excellent public transportation options, residents can easily access the bustling metropolis and its countless amenities. Kobiki-cho is an ideal location for those seeking a peaceful retreat within easy reach of the vibrant heart of Tokyo.


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