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2-chome, Yarimizu, Hachioji City, Tokyo


This 4-bedroom, 1-living room, 1-dining room, and 1-kitchen home is located in 2-chome, Yarimizu, Hachioji City, Tokyo. The 18-year-old wooden house is unoccupied and has 2 parking spaces. The home has been recently renovated with a new LDK door, 2nd-floor closet, and an updated exterior, roof, and battery system. The home is also equipped with an updated water heater. The home is conveniently located near Hashimoto Station on the Keio Sagamihara Line and a bus stop that is a 3-minute walk away.

Area Information

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Yarimizu, Hachioji City, Tokyo, this property offers an exceptional living experience. Surrounded by lush greenery and convenient amenities, it's a haven for nature lovers and urban dwellers alike. Explore the nearby Mount Takao, renowned for its scenic hiking trails and panoramic views, or immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Hachioji Castle. With its excellent transportation links and proximity to Tokyo's bustling metropolis, this property seamlessly blends tranquility and connectivity.


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