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Rengeji Temple, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture


This 6-bedroom house is perfect for families of all sizes. The spacious 130.01 square meter floor plan includes six bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. There is also plenty of storage space, including a basement storage area for preserving food. The house is heated with liquified petroleum gas and comes with two parking spaces. The wooden structure is 42 years old and is currently unoccupied. It is located a 22-minute walk from Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.

Area Information

Nestled in the heart of Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Rengeji Temple offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by the city's rich history and cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Takaoka, renowned for its traditional crafts and bustling markets, while enjoying the serenity of this temple's serene grounds.


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