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1 Hanazawacho, Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture


This 6-bedroom, 1-dining room, and 1-kitchen house is located at 1 Hanazawacho, Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture. The 38-year-old wooden house was renovated in March 2018 and March 2023. The kitchen, bathroom, toilet, walls, and floors have been renovated. The first-floor Japanese-style room was renovated into a Western-style room in March 2023. The house is ready for immediate occupancy. The house has public water and sewage. The parking is a garage. The house is a 13-minute walk from Yonezawa Station on the JR Ou Main Line and a 13-minute walk from Yonezawa Station on the Yonezawa City Loop Bus.

Area Information

Nestled in the heart of Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, this charming property offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by the natural beauty of Hanazawacho. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this vibrant city, known for its stunning cherry blossoms and traditional festivals. Explore the nearby Uesugi Shrine, a testament to the region's samurai heritage, and indulge in the local cuisine, renowned for its fresh produce and delectable soba noodles.


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